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Shout showers > Fare thee well ! and if for ever...  12 июня 2016 г. 11:31:51

Fare thee well ! and if for ever...

Мэирит 12 июня 2016 г. 11:31:51

Fare thee well ! and if for ever,

Still for ever, fare thee well:

Even though unforgiving, never

'Gainst thee shall my heart rebel.

Would that breast were bared before thee

Where thy head so oft hath lain,

While that placid sleep came o'er thee

Which thou ne'er canst know again:

Would that breast by thee glanced over,

Every inmost thought could show !

Then thou wouldst at last discover

'T was not well to spurn it so.

Though the world for this commend thee ---

Though it smile upon the blow,

Even its praises must offend thee,

Founded on another's woe:

Though my many faults defaced me,

Could no other arm be found,

Than the one which once embraced me,

To inflict a cureless wound ?

Yet, oh yet, thyself deceive not;

Love may sink by slow decay,

But by sudden wrench, believe not

Hearts can thus be torn away:

Still thine own its life retaineth,

Still must mine, though bleeding, beat;

And the undying thought which paineth

Is --- that we no more may meet.

These are words of deeper sorrow

Than the wail above the dead;

Both shall live, but every morrow

Wake us from a widow'd bed.

And when thou wouldst solace gather,

When our child's first accents flow,

Wilt thou teach her to say " Father ! "

Though his care she must forego?

When her little hands shall press thee,

When her lip to thine is press'd,

Think of him whose prayer shall bless thee,

Think of him thy love had bless'd !

Should her lineaments resemble

Those thou never more may'st see,

Then thy heart will softly tremble

With a pulse yet true to me.

All my faults perchance thou knowest,

All my madness none can know;

All my hopes, where'er thou goest,

Wither, yet with thee they go.

But 't is done --- all words are idle ---

Words from me are vainer still;

But the thoughts we cannot bridle

Force their way without the will.

Fare thee well ! thus disunited,

Torn from every nearer tie,

Sear'd in heart, and lone, and blighted,

More than this I scarce can die.
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Soul Marcus 12 июня 2016 г. 15:47:40 постоянная ссылка ]
Да это классный стих, мне понравился

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Shout showers > Fare thee well ! and if for ever...  12 июня 2016 г. 11:31:51

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